Where to have a picnic in Kraków? These venues will be perfect for you!

A view of the Krakow skyline from the grass-covered Krakus Mound Down below, you can see individual trees and groups of seated people. In the distance, there is a view of the densely built-up city. On the left, you can see the setting sun.
Spring weather is already here in the Małopolska region, so it is the perfect time to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air! You can go cycling, rollerblading, or walking, or isimply relax, do some people-watching, and let yourself daydream. How about a picnic in one of Poland's most beautiful cities? All you need is a blanket, your favourite snacks and drinks, and good company, and you're ready to go on a Kraków picnic! Below are the TOP 5 favourite places to host an outdoor meal.

Zakrzówek – breakfast in the company of Mr Twardowski

This is for those who enjoy urban legends and fantastic views. The wilderness site here called the Twardowski Rocks is said to have housed the alchemical laboratory of the Master himself. You can definitely feel the magic in the air here! The green areas, the turquoise water filling the quarry and the sweeping panorama of the Wawel Castle are our alchemical recipe for a moment's respite from the bustling city centreonly a few kilometres away.

Krakus Mound – one of the most beautiful panoramas of Kraków

Situated in the Podgórze district the Krakus Mound is one of the most amazing places in Kraków. Extensive green areas and walking avenues give the impression of passing into another world as you make your way to the summit!

Spectacular 360-degree views of what looks like almosty the whole world along with the most beautiful sunsets are two great reasons that should convince you that a picnic on Krakus Mound is an excellent option for a social gathering, date, or family feast, in absolutely fabulous urban and natural surroundings. On your way to the Mound, be sure to get a good look at Tatrzańska Street. A colourful staircase with quotes by famous people awaits you there.

Bagry Lagoon – by the water in the city centre

An environment just like the Masurian Lakes in the middle of Kraków? Yes, the Bagry Lagoon gives you exactly that! This artificial reservoir created on the Dłubnia River provides the perfect place for picnics, recreation and relaxation in the open air. The Lagoon has numerous beaches and bathing areas, plenty of green spaces, children's playgrounds, and cycle paths as well as walking trails. As a result, there is something for everyone, regardless of age or leisure preferences. Note! A picnic by the water works wonders when it comes to relaxation!

The Nowa Huta meadows – for nature lovers

This green area within Nowa Huta is a paradise for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. The Nowa Huta Meadows is a breeding and foraging area for many bird species, making it an area of high ecological importance. Slightly removed from the centre of Krakow, the area is also an oasis of calm. Here, you can lie on a blanket, read a book, or take a long walk among the lush grasses, flowers and wild plants. You absolutely must drop in and feel this green energy with all your senses!

Vistula Boulevards – the most Kraków-like picnic

Enjoy a rest or have a lesiurely breakfast with a view of both the Vistula and the Wawel at the same time. Suppose you go with a picnic basket to the Vistula Boulevards. In that case, this is the jewel of a view that you will be able to savour with every bite of your favourite snack and every sip of your favourite drink.

The Vistula Boulevards are vibrant virtually all year round, but in spring and summer they are the ideal place to rest, relax and experience Kraków life at its most local. Kraków residents love to stroll here, socialise, and catch their breath away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city nearby. The mighty Wawel Castle proudly rising above the waters of the Queen of Polish Rivers is a sight that will seize your imagination and touch your heart, and... you’re in love. This is how Kraków works for people. So pack some provisions, a blanket, and a good mood, and  we'll see you at the picnic!


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