Małopolska Trail of the Holy Sepulchre Order

Budynek kościoła wśród drzew
Almost nine hundred years ago Knight Jaksa Gryfita returned from a crusade to the Holy Land. He brought along the Canon Regulars of the Holy Sepulchre, known in Poland as the “Holy Sepulchrists” [bożogrobowcy] or “Miechovites” [of Miechów]. Despite the Holy Sepulchre Order’s absence in Poland, since the monastery’s liquidation in 1819, the memory of their legacy, as well as the sites associated with them have prevailed until now. Their legacy in Małopolska has been marked by the Trail of the Holy Sepulchre Order. The trail starts at the Sanctuary of the Holy Sepulchre in Miechów. It then continues to churches in Siedliska, Uniejów, Chodów, Sławice and Wrocimowice in the vicinity of Miechów, and then arrives in Krakow where the Holy Sepulchre monks cared for St. Barbara’s Church, among others. The trail ends at the church in Chełm near Bochnia.