Painted landscapes of the Małopolska region in autumn. Five places with the most beautiful trails and views!

Photo taken from the observation tower on Gorc shows a view of the Beskids in their autumn version.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. The warm colours on the trees look as if painted by the hand of an artist, and the morning mists, the crisp air and the distinctive smell of damp earth give rise to a kind of emotion and melancholy in the heart that is hard to describe in words. To experience this, take advantage of the sunny days and set off on the yellow, red and brown painted trails of the Małopolska region. Below, we suggest where to look for the most beautiful autumn in Małopolska.

Ojców National Park – a hike full of colours and local flavours

The smallest national park in Poland is perfect for weekend hikes in autumn. Spanning from the Krakow-Częstochowa Upland, the Prądnik Valley and the Sąspowska Valley, it offers numerous walking trails. Among the rocky Upper Jurassic limestone and colourful trees, a hike along gentle trails seems a great, probably even the best idea of all for an autumn outing. Kraków Gate, Hercules’ Club, Deotyma Needle, as well as the castle in Ojców and in Pieskowa Skała – in autumn all these places look stunning, some people say it’s when they’re at their most amazing,  appearance, and most importantly, you can see them all in one day! At the crossroads of the trails, after a strenuous hike, a delicious Ojców trout awaits you, which can boast a breeding tradition dating back as far as to 1935! What could be more enjoyable than tasting local speciality in the heart of a fairy-tale setting?

Niepołomice Forest - a kingdom of mushrooms and bison

Niepołomice Forest is a magnificent forest complex in the Małopolska region, ruled by the undisputed king of the forest: European bison. In this area you will not only find him, but can also see many rare species of flora and fauna, while the huge number of mushrooms hiding in the soft mulch encourages long walks and searches for the richest specimens. If you aren’t a fan of mushroom picking, that’s no problem at all: four scenic nature trails with a total length of 33 km will be an ideal alternative for you. The forests in autumn tempt with their beneficial properties: soothing the soul, relaxing the mind and pleasing the eyes and the soul with a feast of colours. You ask, is the Niepołomice Forest worth setting out on a small expedition? King Casimir the Great himself loved this area so much that he would dress up in peasants’ clothing at night and wander through the forests and surrounding villages to get to know it even better, and once you spend some time in the Niepołomice Forest, you’ll totally understand King Casimir the Great. After you go hiking in the forest, we encourage you to visit Niepołomice, where quite a few attractions await you!

Krynica-Zdrój – a walk through the crown of autumn trees

Krynica-Zdrój is one of the most beautiful health resorts in the Małopolska region, surrounded on all sides by mountains. The Jaworzyna Krynicka range, Low Beskids or Beskid Sądecki – you can start exploring all the trails in the whole area right from Krynica. And do you know what else is worth doing here? Climbing up! The almost 50-metre-high observation tower, which is located in the health resort, offers not only unforgettable views and breathtaking autumn panoramas, but also the possibility of a relaxing walk in the treetops! Just imagine: all the colours of autumn on the trees, and you among them. It truly sounds like the best dream, which – wonder of wonders! – you are just about to have…

Tatra trails in autumn – one step to falling in love!

We probably do not need to convince anyone that autumn is the best time of year in the mountains. Empty trails, stable weather, and stunning colours work like a magnet for us, so why not let yourselves be tempted too? Tatras are the only alpine mountains in Poland, but if you do not feel up to it, you do not have to go high to experience the beauty of the autumn Tatras! Stunning views also await you in the valleys! We encourage you to take a walk from the Kościeliska Valley to the Smreczyński Pond, where the surface reflects the red peaks of the Western Tatras, or a trip to Rusinowa Polana, from where one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Tatras can be seen. Tatras also look impressive from the Mała Łąka Valley, as well as from the little-known but very charming Hala Stoły. For more experienced hikers, there are trails to the peaks of the Czerwone Wierchy, which are best hiked in autumn, as the summits take on a truly insane colour thanks to the highland rush plant. We assure you that wandering through these reds is a fantastic experience!

Pieniny Mountains amidst an autumn setting will enchant everyone!

The Pieniny are a total delight in any season, but in autumn real magic happens here! The leaves of the trees take on intense colours, and the Dunajec Gorge winding its way among the white limestone rocks makes these colours even more intense. The Pieniny Mountains in autumn are an absolute must for a trip full of unforgettable experiences! This is when the Autumn Redyk  takes place – a centuries-old shepherding tradition involving thousands of sheep returning from the mountain pastures. Taking part in the passage of shepherds (bacas) and shepherd helpers (juhasi) with their entire flock through the centre of Szczawnica is an experience you must experience at least once in your life! After the redyk, you can take the Pieniny Road, a picturesque walking route, or opt for a scenic hike to Trzy Korony and Sokolica peaks. How about a rafting trip down the Dunajec River, which is possible until the end of October? In good weather, it will be a real adventure!

Sunny autumn is in full swing and, even though the days are getting shorter, you can still take full advantage of its charms. Dress warmly, pack a vacuum flask of hot tea in your rucksack, and let’s meet up somewhere on the trails of the Małopolska region! Let us make the most of this autumn to the last colourful leaf!


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