Little Kraków and the Podhale wetlands Catch some of our inspiration!

A hot air balloon above the town of Biecz
Spring in the Małopolska region is a special time. Nature awakens to life, and historic towns and picturesque landscapes invite you to discover them. In this land full of history and tradition, extraordinary places tempt you with their unique charm, and you won't find crowds in them. Check out what we have selected for you!

Visit the Polish Carcassonne!

Biecz is a small town with a great history, situated in the picturesque valley of the Ropa River. It is often referred to as a small Kraków or a Polish Carcassonne, all thanks to its unusual architecture and well-preserved medieval urban layout.

It might come as a surprise that Biecz was one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Poland until the 17th century. Noteworthy are the well-preserved ancient fortification walls and the Biecz Land Museum, where you can see a reconstructed old pharmacy as well as an exhibition on old music and crafts. A great place off the beaten track, perfect for a day out.

Lake Mucharskie – a rest with a view of the Beskid Mały

Lake Mucharskie is an artificial reservoir on the Skawa River, created on the border of the Wadowice and Sucha districts. Beautiful location – between the Beskid Mały and the Beskid Makowski – makes it the perfect place for you to relax by the water and fully indulge yourself.

There are water bike rentals on Lake Mucharskie, so you can enjoy water activities in beautiful natural surroundings. You can also go for a hike! In its immediate vicinity are as many as three hiking trails leading to the summits of the Beskid Makowski and Beskid Mały.

Carp, cycling – we love it in Małopolska!

The Małopolska region can be explored perfectly on two wheels! The topographical and natural diversity makes even people who have never been on a bicycle long for the possibility of exploring Małopolska's nooks and crannies on two wheels. In the Małopolska region, you will find probably the most beautiful cycle route in Poland: the VeloDunajec.

But today, we take you to a completely different region - to a land where the queen of Polish rivers rules! The Carp Valley Trail is a picturesque cycling route which will lead you through the most beautiful corners of Carp Valley. The 86 km loop runs through very varied terrain. During the ride, you will pass idyllic fields, meadows (full of flowers in May!), the Bugaj pond complex and the Skawa River. The tour can culminate with a tasting of regional dishes, in particular of carp. Look for products bearing the Carp Valley local brand label – what a treat it is going to be !

Open Air Museum of Folk Culture in Sidzina

The Open Air Museum in Sidzina is a beautiful story about the value of saving history and cultural heritage from oblivion. Thanks to the activity of local regionalists, an open-air museum was established, where you can see 8 historical buildings, including typical houses built by the Mt Góra or Kliszcze highlanders.

Here, you can see what a granary looked like, what characterised the Loretto belfry, and how a mill was built in the past. Also noteworthy is an exhibition of outdoor sculptures featuring characters from legends and fairy tales from the region of the Beskidy Mountains. It's a great place that should definitely be on your itinerary this year!

The world of peat bogs and wetlands in Podhale

Are there still places in the Podhale region that will not be besieged over the May weekend? A hint – such a place may be the Bór na Czerwonem Nature Reserve in Nowy Targ! Nationally, it is a unique site.

The reserve, a unique raised bog, is part of the largest wetland area in Europe, along with other similar complexes in the Orava-Nowy Targ Basin. A small viewing platform and a nature trail (also adapted for people with impaired mobility) are available during the walk. And all this with the majestic Tatra Mountains looming in the distance. After the tour, be sure to stop by Nowy Targ to trat yourself with some of its famous ice cream – you deserve it after such an escapade!

So, are you ready for a May getaway without the crowds, but with beautiful views and even better adventures? See you in Małopolska!


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