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Raw, cooked, preserved – vegetables and fruit have always been present in the diet of the people of Małopolska. They appreciate their flavour and the invaluable energy and vitamins they provide. So, be sure to taste the wonderful gifts of nature when travelling across Małopolska. You do not need much. It is enough to visit a local market, bazaar, farmers’ market, or horticultural farm to buy ripe fruit and vegetables directly from the farmer, and enjoy their taste with loved ones.

Vegetables from the Małopolska Region – they pamper the palate 

Vegetables and fruit ripen on healthy, fertile, ecologically clean soils in the summer sun of Małopolska. Freshly picked, they taste delicious, are aromatic and are a gift for the palate. They taste best in the bosom of nature, when seated at a table amidst the bounty of the Małopolska countryside.

Products of plant origin have always formed the basis of the local people’s diet. Various types of cereals, potatoes and cabbage grew in the more challenging farmlands in the mountainous areas. More demanding vegetables, such as beans, took a liking to the fertile river valleys, whereas apple trees, plum trees, pear trees and other fruit trees chose the sunny slopes of the Małopolska hills.

As in the past, Małopolska’s farmers aim to produce healthy, natural and organic food. Many Małopolska farms have long been certified organic, so they never use chemicals in their cultivation. This is facilitated by the high diversification of the crops in the agricultural plots and the small number of farms with large acreage and high productivity. Thereby, horticulture in the region has retained its original character. However, there are places which – due to the friendly conditions – have always been famous for farming. This is where you can enjoy not only the beautiful idyllic countryside, but also the colourful floral carpeting arranged in picturesque mosaics.

From Galician garlic to eagle beans

The main vegetable-growing region of Małopolska is the area between Kraków and Proszowice. Fields with even rows of mixed vegetables are a delight to the eyes. This is where the famous Galician garlic comes from – an exceptionally aromatic and healthy regional product included on the EU list.

Charsznica, located on the northern edge of Małopolska, is famous for cabbage and cabbage preserves. The local sauerkraut, with its unique taste, is well-known throughout Poland! It is worth coming here in late summer and autumn not only to taste the gifts of nature but also to admire the gentle hills – as far as the eye can see – everywhere grown over with generous green heads.

Vegetable celebrities – Piękny Jaś and eagle beans

The Dunajec Valley and the Tarnów area also have a vegetable celebrity – the Piękny Jaś bean, which, like the garlic, is a regional product. This regionally characteristic legume with large white seeds takes a liking to the fertile riverside soils. The Piękny Jaś bean is not only healthy and tasty but it is also beautiful—the tendrils of the plant climbing on poles, wrapped in the morning mist, paint unforgettable landscapes. You must see them.

The Polish eagle bean, sometimes called patriotic beans, is a smaller cousin of the Piękny Jaś. Why? That is because on its white seed it has a reddish spot whose shape is similar to the eagle that serves as an emblem of Poland.

Vineyards have grown in the Tarnów Region

Both the Tarnów Region as well as the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland are famous for winemaking and viticulture. The vines ripen on the hills’ gentle southern slopes, creating unique landscapes. The vineyards are best visited in summer and autumn, when you will feel as if you are relaxing in Tuscany in Italy.

Farms near Tarnów, especially those in the Pleśna area, are known for their many vegetable delicacies and preserves. You can buy them directly from the farmers or at the Local Product Centre in Rzuchowa. If you are in the area, don't miss out on this super-extraordinary opportunity.

Małopolska orchards full of delicious fruit

What exciting things can be found in the orchards of Malopolska? Apple trees and apples – the best-known ones from the Łącko area and the traditional ones from Raciechowice predominate among them. Both win hearts with their crispness, juiciness and distinctive red blush. They taste delicious when eaten right off the tree, in desserts or as freshly pressed juice!

There are also plenty of plums in the orchards. The harvested plums are still preserved here using a method more akin to smoking than to drying. This process takes place in a suśnia, a brick-lined, beechwood-fired smokehouse. The plums, known as Suska Sechlońska, have an exceptional softness and a unique aroma. Thanks to its uniqueness, this speciality has also been included on the list of regional products.

Among the Małopolska fruit specialities, raspberries should not be overlooked, especially those from Brzezna, where a raspberry variety perfectly adapted to local cultivation was developed at the Experimental Fruit Factory. The fruit tastes excellent – both fresh and in preserves: juices and jams. No wonder, then, that Małopolska housewives have more than a few tried-and-tested raspberry recipes.

Lavender juices and rose petal jam

In the Małopolska Region, not just freshly picked fruit and vegetables are eaten, but flowers are, too! Lavender preparations are becoming increasingly popular – juices, hydrolates, and the unique rose petal jam made according to local recipes.

Some flowers and herbs can also be eaten picked fresh straight from the garden as additives to salads and desserts. They are a beautiful decoration and a tasty addition to dishes. In Kraków, it is worth visiting the Parsley Market. You can be sure there is no shortage of edible floral delicacies at the Parsley Market.

Set off on a journey through the Małopolska Region on the fresh fruits and vegetables trail. This trip is an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate yourself with generous portions of straight from the farm freshness loaded with vitamins and minerals while soothing your soul with idyllic views.  Enjoy the travel to Malopolska!


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