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Dom Malarek Zalipie

Women Painters’ House in Zalipie

Mała drewniana chatka, bielona i malowana w zalipiańskie kwiaty, przed nią zdobiona studnia, drewniany żuraw i ławka. Z tyłu płotek i zieleń.

Zalipie 128A, 33-263 Zalipie Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

Women Painters’ House in Zalipie serves as a community hall and a centre for promoting the ‘painted village’. You can get information about the location of 40 painted houses in Zalipie, become familiar with local traditions and see an exhibition there. The community hall is also a place of workshops. In front of the building, there is a very photogenic view of a Zalipie cottage and a well. The Women Painters’ House, along with Felicja Curyłowa’s cottage, is a must in the programme of every trip to Zalipie.

It gathers local women artists who cultivate the custom of painting floral motifs on houses. In order to keep the tradition alive, the Women Painters’ House organises, along with the District Museum in Tarnow, a competition named ‘The Painted Cottage’ Among all folk art competitions in Poland, this one has been held for the longest time. It was organised for the first time in 1948, although it was not a cyclical event at the beginning. Within the framework of the competition, a commission appointed by the organiser visits the painted houses during the weekend following the Corpus Christi holiday, to announce the results on Sunday. It is a great day in Zalipie, culminating in the ‘Zalipie festival’.

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