Night of the Museums

Illuminated display cases with Egyptian exhibits.
The first edition of the Night of the Museums took place in Berlin back in 1997. Its success sparked similar events in other European cities. These days, numerous Polish cities host their own Night of the Museums, and Kraków is one of them. The enormous number of visitors – residents and tourists alike, as well as droves of entities taking part in the event – make it a truly special opportunity and the only such night in a year where the city is bustling with activity.

The Night of the Museums is held in spring, usually around mid-May. Each year, the programme of events and the list of participating entities change, but usually, it brings together dozens of institutions. The programme features both permanent and temporary exhibitions. What makes the night unique is the free admission to the events, or a symbolic fee of 1 or 2 PLN. Each institution is responsible for shaping its own admission policies – we recommend checking the relevant information ahead of the time HERE. Most of the venues are open from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Many of them invite visitors during the day or extend their opening hours due to enormous interest.

Museums and other venues that have been open before during the Night of the Museums in Kraków include:

and many more.

In addition to temporary and permanent exhibitions, visitors can expect lectures presented by experts in their respective fields, guided tours, workshops and demonstrations. Some museums prepare special discounts on products available in their stores. The number of museums and the richness of their exhibitions attract crowds of people every year, and the variety of Kraków’s museums allows them to choose from among a vast offering. The Night of Museums in Kraków is an opportunity for everybody to find something for themselves!


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