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Skansen Drewnianego Budownictwa Ludowego Dobczyce

Dobczyce, Folk Architecture Heritage Park

Skansen Dobczyce

ul. Podgórska 1, 32-310 Dobczyce Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 122711176
The heritage park in Dobczyce, although not very large, is extremely interesting.
A number of historic 19th century wooden buildings are home to interesting exhibitions presenting local customs and tradition. Inside the funeral home, you can see various objects connected with old funeral rituals. The tavern houses an exhibition devoted to the region’s ethnography (customs, clothes, appliances), while the guild room presents local crafts (including furriery, shoemaking and pottery). Visit the poultry house to see a collection of farming tools. The coach house is particularly interesting, as it features not only various types of coaches, but also different sleighs and farming tools. After exploring the heritage park, which is situated on the green Castle Hill, you can go to the ruins of the Dobczyce castle. It is open to visitors and included in the same ticket.