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Restauracja Szara Kraków

Szara Restaurant Krakow

Kilkanaście stołów przygotowanych dla gości Restauracji Szarej w Krakowie. Nad stołami wiszą zdjęcia kobiet, a po prawej za stołami znajduje się lodówka z napojami.

Rynek Główny 6, 31-042 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

If you want to eat in one of Kraków's oldest restaurants with vaults decorated by the eminent artist Józef Mehoffer above your head, you're in the right place. The Szara Restaurant at 6 Krakow's Market Square combines the love of food and beauty with the joy of feasting together. Perfection with diversity. For its menu, which draws on the best European culinary experiences, Szara received a Michelin Plate and two sets of Michelin 2020 cutlery.

The first rule of Szara is that the customer who has crossed the restaurant's threshold is the highest sacredness. Therefore, one is received royally and welcomed with the tremendous respect and humility. The restaurant was born in 2002 out of a passion for travel and food. These passions can also be seen in the menu. You can find there Scandinavian, French and Polish cuisine. Thus, a fusion menu awaits you in Szara, combining the best tastes and aromas from various places in Europe. Everything is prepared with devout attention to detail and the quality of the product, which is, after all, the most important. The menu features, among others, raraka, i.e. a potato chip pancake served with salmon caviar, sour cream and red onion, snails in Provencal style, the famous Marseilles fish soup à la Bouillabaisse, guinea fowl with parsnip mousse and sauerkraut sauce, or rabbit in butter. If you still have room, be sure to order the cheesecake with raspberry glaze at the end.

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