Małopolska is a real paradise for lovers of angling. Numerous rivers, reservoirs, lakes, pits and fisheries offer the abundance of fish and breathtaking views. Species that can be found in Małopolska water areas include roach, vimba bream, bleak, chub, catfish, huchen, bream and carp. For lovers of spinning, particularly attractive are pike, perch and zander present here in large quantities.

Swift rivers of southern Małopolska are ideal for catching trout. In the adjacent districts: Oświęcim (communes of Osiek, Polanka Wielka, Przeciszów and Zator) and Wadowice (Brzeźnica, Spytkowice, Tomice), there are many ponds, willingly visited both by anglers attracted by a number of fisheries and by photographers and bird watchers. It is this place, the Carp Valley, which makes the area of Małopolska famous among anglers. In the Małopolskie Region, we may find numerous hotels, guesthouses, cottages for rent or agri-tourist farms, which are a fantastic base for enthusiasts of angling. And after an active day, full of successful catches, nothing will be more enjoyable for each angler than a blissful rest amidst the enchanting nature of Małopolska.


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