Nadwiślański Park Etnograficzny [Vistula Ethnographic Park], Wygiełzów

Nadwiślański Park Etnograficzny [Vistula Ethnographic Park], Wygiełzów

Nadwiślański Park Etnograficzny, Wygiełzów
W Nadwiślańskim Parku Etnograficznym każe dziecko dowie się, kim byli Krakowiacy Zachodni, czym różnili się od innych grup etnograficznych i jak mieszkali - ci z małych miasteczek, wiosek i dworów.

When visiting the Vistula Ethnographic Park, each child will learn who Western Cracovian dwellers were, how they differed from other ethnic groups and how they lived – people from small towns, villages and manors. We will start our tour in the small town section, on a small market and in an old wooden inn. Come here at the end of your visit to savour a regional lunch or dinner. A pottery workshop is located nearby. In the village section of the exhibit, we can visit wooden cottages of the richest and poorest farmers, see the oil pressing mill, a textile workshop and a wooden church. The buildings are located in picturesque surroundings, and the landscape is littered with small shrines, wells and apiaries. Children happily wander among buildings hidden among the greenery. Another place worth visiting in the open-air museum is the manor house of Droginia near Myślenice, where visitors can explore the life of a noble family from the turn of nineteenth century. The open-air museum is dominated by picturesque ruins of the mediaeval Lipowiec Castle. Vistula Ethnographic Park organises various outdoor events, including ETNOmania, during which guests can visit artisan stands, see shows and concerts and participate in arts and crafts workshops. Many workshops and other activities are organised especially for children.

Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park
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