Runner bean variety 'Piękny Jaś'

Bean bags arranged in a wicker basket
The Dunajec Valley is one of the most beautiful tourist regions in our country. No wonder that Piękny Jaś took a liking to these areas.

Piękny Jaś fell in love with this region because of its location and conditions. Almost everything suits it. The plantations are located quite low, surrounded by forested hills, thanks to which they are sheltered from strong wind, which Piękny Jaś does not like very much. The specific soil of the valley provides it with all the minerals and nutrients to develop beautifully. And there are the local people who can take care of it properly. Thanks to this, Piękny Jaś is one of the largest among the species of climbing beans. Its seeds reach a length of 3-4 centimetres, have a kidney shape, thin and shiny skin. It tastes sweet and its texture is delicate. In addition, it has a higher content of magnesium, protein and fibre. All this made Piękny Jaś a hit in European salons. In 2011, it received the EU protected product certificate. Accordingly, it can be cultivated by farmers from 11 municipalities in the counties of Tarnów, Nowosądecki and Brzeg (Czchów, Gródek nad Dunajcem, Gręboszów, Pleśna, Radłów, Tarnów, Wierzchosławice, Wietrzychowice, Wojnicz, Zakliczyn, Żabno). Piękny Jaś cuisine is really rich and is not limited only to immortal baked beans. You can find out about it during the annual festival of Piękny Jaś, which takes place in Zakliczyn at the turn of August and September. You can then taste it in bread spreads, pâtés, roulades, pierogi, chops and (wait for it)… bean vodka.


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