In and around Oświęcim

The rich flora, fauna and terrain create perfect conditions for active recreation! Relaxing in the bosom of nature is a pleasant way to spend your free time, and the multitude of various hiking and cycling routes encourage to enjoy active leisure.

A bike is a great idea for spending free time, especially in the perspective of using routes running in the surroundings of historically valuable places. The route following papal roads to the Carp Valley leads through numerous attractions, and the whole adventure begins and ends in Wadowice, i.e. the hometown of John Paul II. The Soła Valley cycling trail is, in turn, a route often chosen by families with children. It leads through the surroundings which are pure pleasure to the eyes and soul, where you can successfully calm down and relax from everyday life. All cycling routes of Oświęcim and the surrounding area can be found at

By choosing the “Maurycy” or "Marynin" nature paths you will get the opportunity to admire the picturesque landscapes of Oświęcim. The routes run near water reservoirs, which are a treasury of the region's most valuable natural values. It is also worth taking a walk along the scenic trails of Green Pearls of Trzebinia. “Treasure hunters” can have fun focusing on looking for trophies as part of quests included on the Radwanite Knights Trail. Visit to the Village under the rock in Bolęcin will in turn provide interesting historical fun for the whole family, while the visit to the Molo Resort in Osiek brings real relaxation for the senses. Unusual views and the sound of water will ensure peace and having some in this area will recharge your batteries for a long time.

Canoeing enthusiasts should go to the Carp Valley, where, surrounded by untouched nature, they can indulge in their sports passion. Everyone who values nordic walking can choose the degree of difficulty of the route and enjoy the wonderful views of this picturesque land. Fishing fans can take advantage of the offer of numerous fisheries, while walks on the Soła Boulevard in Oświęcim shall be perfect for all those who relax best close to the calming noise of the river.


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