Redykołka lying on the table
The leftover cheese, which is not enough to make oscypek cheese, is used to make redykołka, i.e. small cheese in the shape of spindles, miniaturised animals, birds and hearts. Some call them oscypek's little sisters.

Redykołka, a quick snack that many tourists eat in Podhale. Salted and smoked, with a delicate flavour, it is perfect for grilling and eating cold. It is made, just like oscypek, from sheep's milk. May be admixed with cow's milk, but not more than 40 percent. However, there are no guidelines as precise as in the case of oscypek in terms of weight and shape. There is freedom here, because it is associated with the tradition of this cheese. Redykołka is produced only in the summer, from May to September, which is the same as oscypek. In the old highlander tradition, "redykołka" was a popular gift, always given in pairs of two pieces, on the occasion of various holidays and celebrations. For example during redyk, i.e. the return of shepherds with sheep from autumn pastures. It is worth knowing that the characteristic small cheese sold on Krupówki or at the ski lifts is not oscypek, but redykołka. In 2009, redykołka received the EU certificate of protected product.


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