Excitement and adrenaline on demand? Why not? Let’s go then!

view on the slides in the Energylandia amusement park
You feel like your stomach is crawling up your throat, the level of adrenaline soars madly and you’re the exhilaration is almost too much to bear? And on the top of that, you’re doing it because you love the thrill? If you love it extreme, unique and high speed – this kind of entertainment will be perfect for you! The amusement parks in the Małopolska region offer tons of competing attractions which, according to just how stout-hearted you think you are, will put you on a razor’s edge of wild excitement. But don’t worry, whoever prefers somewhat gentler diversions and a bit more of a relaxed ride, will also find something interesting here. Let’s add to this the information that literally everyone from the little kid to the senior citizen will find something tailored to their age and preference – we doubt you need all that much more encouragement to have some holiday fun in these places, are we right? Those who prefer that the children’s attractions include an element of fun learning and discovery won’t be disappointed, either!

Up, up, and away!

Have you fastened your seatbelts? Let’s go then! We will begin with something truly extreme, because I’d like to invite you to Poland’s largest amusement park – Energylandia in Zator, straight to the extreme zone with a powerful 40-metre Space Booster arm, which accelerates up to 100 km/h and creates as much force as 5 Gs! Here you will find the fastest and biggest roller coasters, the huge pendulum Aztec Swing, Mega Coaster Hyperion — Europe’s highest and fastest in its category — and Water Coaster Speed, which holds the world’s record for roller coaster performance. The family zone offers further attractions: a little less extreme, perhaps, but still not for everyone. Note! It’s worth pointing out that some of the attractions are reserved only for children over 140 cm tall. In this zone, we especially recommend the house of fear – a railway ride in total darkness. What else? We don’t want to scare you; go check it out for yourself. Just don’t shout too loud!

Deep into the water

If you have had enough thrills and adrenaline and you need something to calm your heart rate and catch your breath, then it’s worth checking out some less-extreme places. We stay in Energyladnia, but we will soon move to slightly less-extreme places in the Małopolska region. In Energylandia, when it’s hot enough, you can also use the water park on a single ticket. It’s a zone that is arranged like a tropical island with a wealth of attractions, corners and water-based games for different age groups and representing varying degrees of difficulty! In this amusement park you will also find the Dragon’s Stronghold: a place in the medieval Gothic style, where you can feel like in the middle of films such as Lord of the Rings or The Witcher. The youngest fans (from 2 to 6 years of age) of carousels, swings, roller coasters, high rides and many other attractions will find everything for themselves in the Bajkolandia zone.

Far into the future

When visiting Zator, you can’t miss another amusement park. The Dinosaur Park Zatorland is a place for all those who are only a little less crazy about heart-pounding excitement; it’s a fantastic experience for the littler fans of entertainment. There are, among others, carousels, big wheel, a pool with boats to pilot around, water slides, trampolines and moon bounces. However, we can’t forget that Zatorland is mainly dedicated to dinosaurs – creatures that are loved by all children. For them, a meeting with such a prehistoric creature, which is very realistic and doesn’t look like it’s only a model, may be a little bit overwhelming –but not too much! In this theme park, on the special educational discovery path, you can meet, for example, the huge herbivorous Sauropods or the terrifying T-Rex. However, this year undoubtedly the title of the biggest attraction belongs to the moon bounces and the world’s largest, 35-metre mobile Argentinosaurus. Here your kids can visit the Mythology Park and the Insect Park. Other dinosaurs have been seen not so far from here, because it’s only about 20 km further south from Zator – in Inwałd! They live in Dinolandia, which will take you straight to the Mesozoic, when dinosaurs, ichtiosaurs, pterosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roamed the earth. This amusement park is also the perfect place to play. In the park, your child (and you as well, if you want) can become a palaeontologist who digs out the backbone of an enormous dinosaur, become an adventurer who has to move through the rope park and the DinoBase, or reach the top of the climbing wall and watch the world from above, like the Diplodocus. When visiting Dinolandia, make sure you don’t miss the mysterious cave, the dark corridors of which hide many secrets. There are also classic, favourite attractions for children: ball pool, air-blown slide, eurobungee, pirate train or family mini-golf. Remember, in Inwałd you can also find the World of Dreams Miniature Park.

Not enough? Let’s have another ride then!

Emotions settling down? OK, so at the end we will give them a big jolt once again. Feel free to go really high in the Great Space Warper in Rabkoland in Rabka Zdrój. What’s that? The big wheel offers a beautiful view of the nearby mountains and, if weather permits, even the Tatras! But the Rabkoland amusement park is not limited to this structure dominating the surrounding area. It is a true world of entertainment for children up to 12 years. But, we can assure you that parents won’t be bored either!

Practical information:

Amusement Park Energyladnia Zator

Opening hours: every day: 10.00-20.00;

buy a ticket on-line at ticket.energylandia.pl

you can redeem your travel voucher here;

the park features attractions for children, youngsters, and adults;

there are also some catering facilities;

parking lot is paid and costs PLN 10 per day;

website: https://energylandia.pl/


Zatorland Zator amusement park 

opening hours: working days: 9.30-19.00, weekends and holidays 9.30-20.00;

buy a ticket on-line at: https://zatorland.pl/bilety/;

you can redeem your travel voucher here;

the park features attractions mainly for children;

there are catering facilities;

parking lot is paid and costs PLN 10 per day;

website: https://zatorland.pl/


Dinosaur and Amusement Park Dinolandia Inwałd

opening hours, Mon-Sat: 9.00-19.00, Sun: 10.00-19.00;

Buy a ticket on-line at: www.dinolandia.pl/kup-bilet/;

you can redeem your travel voucher here;

the park features attractions mainly for children;

there is a restaurant;

free parking;

website: https://www.dinolandia.pl/

Rabkoland Amusement Park Rabka-Zdrój

opening hours: every day: 10.00-18.00;

Buy a ticket on-line at: www.rabkoland.pl/pl/bilety-indywidualne;

you can redeem your travel voucher here;

the park features attractions mainly for children;

there are catering facilities;

free parking;

website: www.rabkoland.pl/




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