Jaskinia Łokietka

Łokietek Cave (Ojców National Park)

Łokietek Cave (Ojców National Park)
Ojców Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Facilities at natural sites: Guidebook, Information boards, Educational trail
Type of natural attractions: Other, Cave, Forest complexes, National parks, Rocks (rock outliers)
The largest cave which is located in Ojców National Park. The total length of its corridors is 320 m.
As a result of careless exploitation its interior was heavily smoked and dripstones destroyed. According to a legend it was Władysław the Short’s shelter when he was trying to escape the Czech army. During WWI it was utilised as a shelter for the locals. Traces of human activity from ancient times and bones of a cave bear were found there.
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