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Winnica Zawadka Tęgoborze

Zawadka Vineyard

dwa rzędy winorośli zielonej

Zawadka 1, 33-312 Tęgoborze Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 502391867
Vineyard by the lake.

Zawadka Winnica is located in the village of Zawadka in the commune of Łososina Dolna near Lake Rożnow – in the Island Beskids. It was established by wine enthusiasts, who in addition to this excellent beverage, also design and produce stylish wine furniture.
The plantation itself is located at an altitude of about 400 metres above sea level, on a rather steep south-eastern slope, from which you can see the surface of the lake below (about 265 metres above sea level). The soil here is quite heavy, stony-clay, which is difficult to cultivate. However, the high and windy place protects the vines from disease.
 The vineyard grows such vines as Solaris, Bianca, Regent, Rondo, Bolero and Marechal Foch, Johanniter, Chardonnay, Rosler, Monarch, and Hibernal, but their speciality are fresh and delicate white wines. The winery invites you to taste white wines, but also rosé and red wines.
Wine production takes place in a adapted building of a former fruit storage facility. The wines ferment in stainless steel tanks and the red wines are also put into used French barrels for a period of time. Since 2018, Zawadka Winery has been a certified supplier of Mass wines for the Diocese of Tarnów, so all production here has been adapted to the specific requirements set out in the liturgical regulations.

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