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Zamek Nowy Wiśnicz

Magnate’s Castle Nowy Wiśnicz

Wysoki zamek magnacki w Nowym Wiśniczu z dwiema okrągłymi basztami, dziedzińcem oraz wieżą.

Zamkowa 13, 32-720 Nowy Wiśnicz Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 146128341
The walls of this magnificent residence of the Kmita and Lubomirski families can be seen from afar.

During the invasion in 1655, Swedish troops conquered the castle and took almost 150 carriages of spoils with them! It is quite uncanny that out of concern for the castle, its crew surrendered without a fight, although it consisted of 600 heavily armed mercenary soldiers, who had 80 cannons on modern bastions and stocks of food and ammunition to last them for 3 years! The history of the castle dates back to the 15th century, while its great Renaissance expansion took place in the middle of the 16th century on the initiative of Piotr Kmita, a supporter of Queen Bona. It was then, when a characteristic wide roof appeared on Bona’s tower, and the queen is believed to have ridden a donkey on it! In the middle of the 17th century, Stanisław Lubomirski surrounded the building with bastion fortifications, creating a type of residence called palazzo in fortezza.


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