Żydowska Trasa Pamięci

Jewish Route of Remembrance

Jewish Route of Remembrance
The route commemorates places associated with the tragic history of Jews in Bochnia, and its vicinity, during the Nazi occupation. It consists of 15 points pertaining to the ghetto and its inhabitants.
In mid-March 1941 the German occupying authorities decided to create a district for the Jewish people in Bochnia. The ghetto included a dozen or so streets located in the north-eastern part of the town: Kowalska, Niecała, Św. Leonarda, Solna Góra, Pod Lipką, Kraszewskiego, part of Kolejowa, Wojska Polskiego, Poniatowskiego and Trudna; a part of Proszowska, Wygody and Krzeczkowskiej constituted the so-called mixed district. The resettlement of the population started on 2nd April 1941 and was supposed to end after three days. Around 15 thousand Jews passed through the ghetto during more than two years of its functioning. On 1st January 1943 the ghetto was renamed as a work camp. Only a fraction of its population came from Bochnia. The majority of the inhabitants were Jews deported by the Germans from Krakow and surrounding villages as well as those forcibly relocated from small towns like Brzesko, Krzeszowice, Mielec, Dębica and others.

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Details of the Route
• Bochnia – Uzbornia Hill
• Bochnia – Jewish Cemetery at Krzęczków Street
• Bochnia - former synagogue
• Bochnia – Gateway to the Ghetto
• Bochnia – former military barracks
• Bochnia – assembly square in the Ghet
• Bochnia - Wzgórze Uzbornia
• Bochnia - cmentarz żydowski przy ul. Krzęczków
• Bochnia - dawna synagoga
• Bochnia - brama wejściowa do getta
• Bochnia - dawne koszary
• Bochnia - plac apelowy w gettcie
• Bochnia - Sąd Rejonowy
• Bochnia - plac Gazaris
• Bochnia - cmentarz komunalny przy ul. Orackiej
• Bochnia - synagoga na ul. Trudnej
• Bochnia - dawna siedziba Judenratu
• Bochnia - ulica Galasa
• Bochnia - ulica św. Leonarda
• Bochnia - wzgórze przy ul. Solna Góra
Length of trail: 5,3 km
Bochnia Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
Tourist subregion: Tarnowski
tel. +48 146122426
Parking: Car park
Traffic: medium – meaning: arrival delayed about 30 min
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