Customs and traditions

Visiting Małopolska is a unique opportunity to see real highlanders wearing their folk costumes: woollen trousers with the embroidered parzenice, a hat with a feather, and the characteristic shoes called kierpce. One can also admire the rakish Kraków folk costumes with an exquisite peacock feather attached to a red, four-cornered cap, as well as the glistening bodices and flowery skirts.

But there is much more to the traditional culture of the region than just folk costumes. There are a number of original religious rituals and customs, which are still cultivated by the locals during important festivals. The legends and tales about the olden days, as well as the mysteries and ghosts, are part of the rich cultural heritage of Małopolska. Other important components of this heritage are local products and original local dishes created with their use. The still existing folk culture is the strongest expression of the variety of Małopolska, whose every region has its own particular costumes, customs, traditions, dishes and delicacies.


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